2021 - Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Someone recently said to me "..put your crown back on and climb back onto your throne..."

And this is my response - as we’re finally coming back to a normal life in the UK -  it’s time to rebuild and for something new!

2020 saw the demise of various friendships/relationships. Even at the start of the year, Phil left the band (I guess he couldn't handle the rock 'n roll lifestyle anymore ;) and now Barry has found himself too busy with other projects to continue in ‘Almost Famous’. 

This does, however, open up new opportunities... and that's what this year is all about.

I plan on continuing with the studio-recorded covers and working on my own material - I really need to finish those ideas from last year!! (and the newer ones). Now that I have all the recording setup to manage this myself, I can really indulge in playing some of my favourite music from across the years (let's face it - mostly 80s and rock lol). 

But I’ve also started working on an acoustic set with Wayne and another bass/guitar player. Still early days, but we have a promise of a regular gig venue for this and any future band that I’m sure will follow. We’re up to 15 tracks so far and it’s starting to sound promising. I’m really looking forward to this as it will also make gigging easier with a smaller band ‘footprint’.

We will start to hunt for full band members too - some of these tracks also need full electrification and I like it loud sometimes!

Also, some upcoming changes may result in me being offline for a bit, whilst I relocate my kit & setup my new recording facilities - but then I’ll really have the space to myself - so plenty of gear acquisitions on their way too :)

So, I know, we’re half-way through the year already but it feels like the long-awaited refresh is finally starting now - shake off the old - here’s to new music, friendships and relationships!

p.s.  did you spot the Bowie reference ?

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