A breakdown of gear - guitars, pedals, amps - anything I can get my hands on.

Black & Gold

Fender Stratocaster - customised!

For a long time now, my guitar collection have been missing the distinctive sounds of a Fender Stratocater and I've had my eye on a few over the last couple of years. As you know, I'm partial to a Fender Custom Shop (I LOVE my Telecaster) - but they can be pricey.

Then this popped up... a made in Japan Aerodyne II Strat. All black, high quality spec and finish - but at a fraction of the price - as it was used - barely and in great condition.

But, I had plans and I contacted the seller - Mike and Mikes Guitar Bar in the US for some modifications...

swap out all the chrome hardware - screws, tuners, strap locks, bridge etc - for GOLD!

I'd seen this done before. 

They agreed, promptly ordered all the replacements parts (including gold strings!) and fitted everything.

I think you'll agree, the end product look amazing and more importantly, I can be rockin' up some new Dire Straits sounds with the new band lineup!

Awesome job by Mike and Mikes Guitar Bar. Check them out here: 


More Guitars!

Fender Acoustasonic Jazzmaster

I needed a guitar for our acoustic venture that would cover a wide gamut of styles - from luscious acoustic chorus-y sounds to full rock-on crunch and even the odd solo.

Introducing the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster - all flavours of acoustic and electric pickup crunch/lead sounds in one guitar!

I’ve already posted a couple of videos recorded with it in acoustic mode - here’s a new (really really rough) try-out of flipping sound styles in one track. Click the link below to get an idea of what this new acquisition can do… in purple ;)


More Gear!

What's a musician to do when he can't play live ? - play, practice, find inspiration and...buy more gear! The latest addition is a super-spec'd MacBook that enables me to run a full version of Logic Pro and all the high-end guitar amps, effects, vocal processing etc

Hopefully the actual content is half-decent too!

New Toy!

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X

Just arrived! voted one of the best guitar/sound gadgets of 2020 - it's an attenuator (lets you crank up your amp to full without annoying the neighbours) plus a cabinet/speaker simulator - can't wait to dial in some full-volume tones on this bad boy. See review below...

Pedal Problems

I've not yet tried my newest pedal 'Freqout' but I'm going to struggle to demote any of my existing pedals and I miss some of the older ones 'Purple Gain' simply can't be left in the bag!

Time for a bigger board??

Aria ProII Urchin U-60t

My first guitar

As a reward for working hard on my exams aged 16 - it was a toss-up between a 12-string acoustic or an electric guitar. This was the winner. Actually a pretty decent guitar - super fast next great intonation.

I’ve since pimped it up with a Chickenfoot decal and super-distortion Di Marzio pickups - a real 80s hair metal beast!

Catalinbread 5F6

Fender tweed amp sounds for your Telecaster. Watch this review and you’ll understand why I had to buy this pedal.

Gibson custom shop 1960 les paul

I searched high and low for this one. I tried the holy grail of the ‘59 - the neck was too fat for me. I knew I wanted a lemon burst. The tone from this is monumental - I was grinning for days after the first night in the studio - even the band could tell it was something special. My only deliberation - keep the pickgurard on or off??