Back to the 80s

So, visitors to the site have asked for a little more 80's in their lives! For a guitarist, there is a huge range of choices - lot's of hair-metal out there (and I'll be covering some of that in the future too) - but the 80s also gave us one of the most influential guitarists of all time - Eddie Van Halen. 

I had to find a track that was recognisable for mainstream fans and, crucially, a track that I could come slightly close to pulling off on a cover. For me 'Panama' was always a favourite and still gets the crown moving.

I was lucky enough to find a version of the original drums, bass and Dave Lee Roth vocals, with the guitar part extracted and ready for me to step into Eddie's shoes!

I'm going to try putting together a separate video covering how I got Eddie's famous 'brown sound' and various aspects of the track. Are you really prepared to see my bearded lock-down face talking at you ??

In the meantime - here is my cover of Van Halen's 'Panama'