Inspirations (1) - Lindsey Buckingham

Fleetwood Mac - can divide opinion in a room. I’ve met my fair share of haters but ever since hearing ‘Rumours’ as a young teenager - their music has captured my musical heart. Clearly Stevie Nicks appealed to the teenage boy in me (I had a massive poster of her in my bedroom!) but over time it was Lyndsey Buckingham that I came to appreciate more and more. A master songwriter and a more than accomplished guitarist who’s unique style I struggle to copy.

Here are a three of his masterpieces that resonate for me:

Bleed To Love Her

Turn It On 

And if you can bear to watch one of the most emotional performances i have seen…

Say Goodbye

- just the fact that these two could coexist all these years and sing songs that are about each others heartbreak towards the other shows the definition of a soul mate if there's such a thing