Get Up - again!

I recently took an online course run by a professional producer - it covered all aspects of taking a tracks from its raw recording through compression, EQ, gain-staging, reverb, saturation, balancing, mastering and more! I was never quite happy with the final out put of my last track ‘Get Up’ so I though it would be to try out some of my newly acquired skills to see if I could improve it. I think I did - to my ears anyway. There’s a few extra production effects in there but its essentially the same recording - remixed and remastered. I’m sure I still have much to learn but happy with it anyway.

I’ve released it on Spotify which is interesting because they squash & squeeze your track - I’m not sure it’s as good. So the version here is the uncompressed version as I intended it to sound.

Follow this link for a listen (headphones recommended - nothing every sounds great on a phone speaker!)…


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